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Southern Cross

Farm and Sugar Mill

September, 2002 

Beth standing next to cane                                            
Beth standing in the cane patch.  This cane has never been irrigated.  It's 1/4 mile from my well, so we just pray for rain on this end of the patch
Georgia red.                                               Georgia Red Cane
This is the large bore, soft red cane that, in my opinion, makes the best syrup.  With almost 3 months left to grow, I expect to get a gallon of juice from 3 to 4 stalks.
Old variety from the Okefenokee.                                     Old Variety from the Okefenokee
This is a very old variety from the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia.  It has extremely long joints, (12" and longer), and is always green at the bottom of joint and red at the top.  It was the number 1 choice for making brown sugar.  It also makes good syrup, but tends to sugar quickly even if pulled at 33 on the hydrometer.  Has very sweet juice for drinking.

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