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Farm and Sugar Mill

John Deere Amazon #2

The John Deere Plow Co. Amazon No. 2 St Louis, MO, mill has large diameter rollers and is single geared. The juice discharge spout is in the center of the bottom of the mill. The flat belt pulley is 40" in diameter and is 12" wide.

Southern Plow Columbus #15

The Southern Plow Co. Columbus No. 15 is the heaviest mule drawn mill that I have seen. It is set up on a sled to be pulled by 4 mules, (2 teams). The 2 teams are hooked to each end of the "A" frame sweep to power the mill. The mill was updated in the 1920's with a belt power setup. The weight of the mill with the flat belt pulley is 2,700 pounds. It has been said that the best way to feed this mill with 4 mules pulling it is to grab an arm load of cane and run at it! Madison and Garret Clayton by the mill.

Southern Plow #5

The Southern Plow Co. No. 5 Powermill is single geared and is one of the lightest power mills that I have seen. The rollers are 10" wide and it is designed for a wooden base. Mill is shown with bagasse carrier

Goldens' #27

We have two Goldens' 27's, but only have the need to run 1 at a time. It is double geared and the rollers are 12" long. Feedside and discharge side shown.

Mobile Pulley and Machine
Works No D 74
We traded this mill to a friend in North GA that needed a large mill for Sorghum. The rollers are 12" long and weight is 2,500 pounds.

Two roller mills.

Two roller horse mills, cast for wooden bases from South GA foundries. They include:

2 mills from unknown foundries, 16" long.
1- Syfan Iron Works, Waycross, GA.
1- Rourke Iron Works, Savannah, GA
1- Phoenix Iron Works, Savannah, GA.
1- Kehoe Iron Works, Savannah, GA.

Chattanooga Plow Co. horse mills.

The mill on the left above is a Chattanooga #11 small 1 horse mill. The mill in the center is a #14 large 2 horse mill, and the one on the right is a #12, 1 horse mill.

Goldens' and Chattanooga horse mills.

Above left is a Goldens' 4X very large 2 horse mill. "Patt. Applied For" on top plate. Built in 1904 - 1906. Next to it in the same picture is a Goldens' #1 small 1 horse mill. Center picture is a closeup of the Goldens' #1. Pictured on the right is the 4X, the #1, and a Chattanooga #14.

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