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Southern Cross

Farm and Sugar Mill

Pictured at the left are two mule drawn roller mills. The shafts and bearings are unusually large at 4". The mill on the left is from the Quitman Mfg. Co., Quitman, GA. The second mill is from S M Co., Quitman, GA.

Rourke Iron Works

At the left is the original mule drawn mill at the Southern Cross. The rollers are from the Rourke Iron Works, Savannah, GA. The base is made from Bald Cypress from the swamps around our farm. It's designed after Owen Wingate's Grandfather's mill. The rollers are approximately 18" in diameter!
Pictured on the left is a Southern Plow Co. "Columbus" No 12.
Here are a very old cane cutter and cane topper that we still use in our operation.
Large Georgia Red cane.
Three ways to check the syrup. The hominy flop (deep rolling bubbles), the flaking of syrup on the dipper, and the hydrometer.
Todd Nobles, Neal Tarkington, and Owen Wingate help to make syrup each year. Here Todd scrapes polecat - the candy that accumulates on the kettle - on strips of cane for people to eat.

Pulling candy.

The only candy available was homemade back when my grandpa was a kid. We cook syrup down to a point that we butter our hands and pull it like taffy. It makes a wonderful candy enjoyed by all.Pictured on the right are Casey O'neal, Austin and Ansley Waters, and Madison Clayton  (maybe future syrup makers).
A special thanks to Todd and Neal on right.

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