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Pictures of some of
our cane mills

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More pictures of mills
and our November
cane grinding

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Cane patch pictures
September 2002

Southern Cross

Farm and Sugar Mill
Here at Southern Cross Farm and Sugar Mill, we try to carry on some traditions that have almost disappeared in our area of the South. Beth and I owe many thanks to my Dad and Mom and my friend Owen Wingate. They have helped us to learn and pass on skills and knowledge that have all but been forgotten.

We have a late 1800's Hench and Dromgold sawmill, an early 1800's Blacksmith Shop, a 48" water powered gristmill, (that we're working on now), and my true love, the Sugarcane Syrup operation. Old friends and new turn out in November for our Cane Grinding, Syrup Making, and Candy Pulling party.

We have put together a series of pictures of our cane mills and related equipment. We hope to add more images as time allows. We hope you enjoy the presentation that follows.

Thomas Clayton, Hilliard, FL.

Please send any questions or comments to: Thomas Clayton

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