Cane Mill Conversions

As more tractors became available in areas where cane was grown, many syrupmakers decided to convert their horse powered mills to belt power.  Several manufacturers made mill conversions, but these were kind of expensive.  Many of the conversions featured the use of a right angle drive from something like a Model T Ford. These were often coupled to a series of pulleys or gears to give an appropriate speed.  

Update 02/05/05 Bill Outlaw has just finished a power calculator to help figure gearing and power required for your mill conversion:

The conversions featured below are usually of the home made variety.

Walter J. Vaughan's  Saville cane mill conversion.
Marcus Walker's 3 cane mill conversions
Edward (Rawhide), Rawlings Cook cane mill conversion
Lincoln Electric's "Arc Welded Projects" Volume II page 7 (courtesy Gene Baltzell)
Harry Tyler's Chattanooga #13 conversion