Three converted mills

provided by Marcus

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The two mills using hay baler gears work really great and are easy to build if you have some scrap iron and have the capability to weld.  These old balers have two large gears and two small gears on most of them.  The large gear has, I think, 97 teeth and the small gear has 13 teeth.  I just sold two of each but I think the teeth count is right. You have to use a longer piece of cold roll between the small gear and the gear box.  You just drill a hole in the bottom end of the cold roll and put a collar between it and the gear box, you turn the gear box upside down.  Then add a PTO shaft between the box and tractor.  These gear boxes came off of old peanut inverters, but you could use almost any type of box. I like the way the I-beam base looks better than the well casing base.

The mill on the trailer I use all of the time.  It works really great.  It has a 55 gallon holding tank with a two inch emptying tap.  You can pull it to the field and bring the juice back, and it looks good.  The chassis is a Model A, the hubs are 39 Ford, the transmission is a 3 speed standard shift and the rear end is an old Ford.  As you know, the Chattanooga  12 is a reversible mill.  I squeeze sugar cane in first gear most of the time, sometimes second gear, and if you really want to go slow, you can squeeze in reverse, by switching sides with the feed plate and stool.

Marcus (Sugar Cane)

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