Bro. Mark's Grits Mill

I also grind grits and cornmeal here at my place and at cracker days, pioneer days and so forth. We have ship grits and cornmeal around to different places in the country.

My wife and I still hold to alot of the old ways of living. We raise a few pigs for breeding stock and 4H and FFA projects and we still cure and smoke our own hams, bacon and sausage in our old smoke house. I preach in the nursing homes on Sunday and Wednesday, so I am able to let the old folks know that all the old ways aren't gone.

Here is a close up of the 1 1/2 HP Jaeger engine used to run the grits mill.

Here is an overall view of the mill and engine.

The mill is a small C S Bell burr mill.

Sifting the meal left and below left.


A view of the whole display with plenty of grits and corn meal to pick from.