Sweet Sorghum

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This page is intended to provide information to those people interested in raising, processing and eating sweet sorghum. We will try to gather links to all of the resources on the 'net, and hope to provide the information that small growers like myself are always interested hobbyists. All links on this page are for your information and entertainment, and do not constitute an endorsement of any product or service.

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National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors (Homepage)
Farm Production of Sorgo Sirup USDA Farmers Bulletin No. 1791
Experiments with Sorghum Sugar Cane. 1859 Hedges, Free & Co .
Alabama Cooperative Extension office Publication. Great site!!
University of Georgia article on growing sweet sorghum
Production of Sweet Sorghum in Kentucky  Morris Bitzer
Processing Sweet Sorghum for Syrup Morris
Mississippi State University Extension Service  Order seed
Syrup Sorghums for Texas enter L-5146 in search box.
Madison Harvest Festival Madison county, VA
The Kinney Family Collection great site on sorghum and machinery.
Making molasses in western North Carolina
Mountain Memories - Making molasses in southwestern VA
Bittersweet-- making sorghum syrup in the Ozarks
Kerr Center Publications: a couple of publications available.
Guenther Sorghum Supply supplier of syrup containers.
Kentucky's Sweet Success a veterinarian runs sorghum operation.
Cane Syrups this page describes the various cane syrups.
Southern US Cuisine sorghum recipes and more.
Short article about sweet sorghum by Glorybee Foods
Oklahoma State University article on growing sweet sorghum
1872 article about syrup production in Rice Co. Kansas
Lach-Host Farms home page great page/lots of graphics.
Article on liquid sugars
Alcorn State demonstration using transplanted cane.
A Vermont Grower's trials with Sweet Sorghum
Master molasses maker Jim Bell article about a West Virginia legend.