Sweet Sorghum "Rustbuster"

July 6, 2001 above left; Fairbanks Morse "dishpan" engine before putting in the tank. above right; Filling the tank with a mixture of sweet sorghum syrup and water at about a 10:1 ratio water to syrup.
July 10, 2001 Here it is on the 5th day of being in the bath. I did a very light scrubbing with a plastic brush to get the residue off. Since the piston is stuck, I think I will leave it in for another week or so to see if it will loosen it up some.
July 17, 2001 After a few warm days the soup develops a good "head". It also smells like a still!
After rigging my tripod hoist and skimming the foam off the top, it is time to lift the engine out.
Here it is clear of the bath.
Just before rinsing. It doesn't take long for the rust to come back, so getting it rinsed, dried and primed in good time is a must.
After a quick coat of Rustoleum. I will try to get the piston out after the primer has had a good chance to dry.