These mills are used to squeeze the juice out of sugar cane, primarily in
countries that raise a lot of sugar cane. The juice is served cold and is a
very popular form of refreshment. If you have pictures or more information
about these mills, please contact me at:

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This mill was photographed in a restaurant in Havana by a friend of Valerie
Rilkoff of Danville, WA., who sent it to me.

This mill was photographed in Brazil by Bill Outlaw of Tallahassee FL.
Here is Bill's description

"Located at a fruteira  ( Portugese for "fruit stand") in SC, Brazil, where
garapa (Portugese for "cane juice") is served as a cold refreshing beverage
with/without lemon juice.  Overall, my impression is that garapa is sold
with the same frequency and at the same type of locations as soft-serve ice
cream or snow cones are in the U.S."

This picture was submitted by Xavier Cevallos of Ecuador This was taken
in a restaurant in Havana. Xavier is actively involved in the sugar industry
in Ecuador.