Sorghum making at the James Church farm.

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James Church of Lenoir, NC continues the tradition of sorghum making, involving members of his community in Yadkin Valley. Above left is a view of a portion of the cane field before it was stripped and cut. Above right is a power mill belted up to a tractor. This mill will produce 90 gallons of juice in about an hour and 15 minutes.

Above left; James is setting up his Chattanooga #11 mill to be run with a belt. Above right; The converted mill is shown here in operation. James used a 15 inch truck tire and wheel as a pulley

Along with making sorghum syrup, the day's activities include cider making, (first two pictures above). After the syrup is cooked, the pan is used to make apple butter, (above right) James and his wife Brenda are shown here setting this operation up.

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James Church Sorghum Making (Sept. 29, 2001)