Watkins Abbitt, Appomattox, VA

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Above left, is a general view of the sorghum making operation. Above right, Bill Burke is feeding the mill.

Above left, cane coming off the truck. The gentleman in the blue shirt at the left is Mr. Henry Barger who is Bill Burke's father-in-law. He has been making sorghum all of his life. Right, Mr. Barger sits by trhe mill which he purchased 35 years ago, and whgich is now being used by Mr. Abbitt.

Above left is Watkins' 2-N Ford, tractor, aptly named "The Birthday Tractor", because it was built the same year as Watkins. Above right is the F-12 Farmall which is used to power the mill.

Above left, the final filtering before the juice goes into the batch pan. Center, the final product after being taken off the fire. Right, Watkins and Bill Burke.